Saturday, February 27, 2010

Life is Lies #1

I drew this comic about aliens and submitted it to Tiny Mix Tapes, because they have a comics section. I get the impression they're not going to take it, but I still think it's pretty great.

UPDATE (3/4/10): hey! looks like i spoke too soon – got a message a couple days ago, they're going to take it! i'll post here when it posts there, but it'll be more like this:


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cards for You!

I've spent long hours poring over this indecipherable bestiary manuscript, and now I'm cutting the pages out and folding them in half to sell to you, if you're so inclined. What better way to celebrate antiquarian reliquary?

So if you've ever wanted to send a hydra to your favorite boss as a thank you, or squeeze your one true love with the affection of the kraken, get in touch! Cards are five dollars apiece, but less if you get more. Hand-pressed on hand-brushed card stock – it's pretty quality.

I'm working on select prints and colors to start, but if you have requests send me an email.

Now when I look at my workspace it's blurry.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hummus Gandia

I figure there's a tag here for "things eaten," so what's the harm in sharing something with you I actually ate (and made, rest assured).

See, my mom makes hummus in a very particular way. It's the only recipe I know for making hummus, and I do a pretty good job of ignoring what I'm supposed to do and throwing a bunch of things under the whirring blade to make my own (of course delicious) version. Now you can, too, and you won't get any sassy remarks from me in the supermarket for buying something that is miles easy to make– and master!

Hummus Gandia

Big old can (30 oz.) of Goya Chick Peas– wham. I drain the liquid.

1/3-1/2. I have to give it bit of a chop first, cause I use a hand-blender.

2-3 cloves. I dice these, too, so they permeate.

Judge it as you blend, but don't be shy. If you didn't drain the liquid like I did, you won't have to use as much oil.

1/2 a lemon. You can use fake juice from one of those plastic lemons, just don't tell anyone.

salt & pepper
Obviously. Now – there's a lot of other stuff you can put in hummus, but it's pretty much done and ready to eat now (once you blend it, of course). Here are options that aren't paprika:

mustard powder
Worcestershire sauce

I've tried all these and they always give it a little something. I wouldn't do them all at once, and I wouldn't do too much, either; but yeah, exercise your fun brain. No need to make the same thing over and over.

Once you have this stuff it lasts a while, so if you want to go nuts with it you can:
- fry up some onions (the other 1/2 you didn't put in the hummus, say), and just put them on top
- fry it up with an egg breakfast; that is to say, make eggs, then heat some hummus up
- mix it with tomato sauce! (love that one – my other favorite thing to make is tomato sauce)
- put it on a sandwich; this didn't occur to me for a long time, but it's great

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Aliens and Robots

I have a habit of giving either food or t-shirts for Christmas. If you have a similar habit, but don't make t-shirts, and people are getting angry at you for giving them food for Christmas, too,† you should get in touch with me.

Aliens and robots go hand-in-hand – or hand-to-hand.

there's a companion shirt with a robot-stronaut, but it was a present to someone, so I don't have it anymore –

but you can still see the studies for the other shirt.

†let it be known, despite what my critics may say, that everyone i've given food for Christmas has loved their presents.

Friday, February 5, 2010


These are some detailed images from a project I did on continuous narrative, with an accordion book. I was trying to scan it again the other day, but in the end it'd pretty hard to give a sense of the thing to someone without presenting them the actual physical object. These pictures, for example, are just the bottom third of three consecutive pages. I had the full pages up earlier, (with some burn and dodge), but I like the way these crops came out.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Copepod and The Aliens

I was cleaning my house the other day and I found a scrap of sketch paper from when I moved in. I guess that makes it about a year old. I'm apparently still drawing the same things. I want to write a comic about some aliens that have a band – that's what I want to do now, I have no idea what I was going for last year.


This piece is semi-autobiographical. I wasn't really wearing a snuggy when I had that conversation with my brain.

The earlier drafts were posted... three months ago. Worth the wait!