Friday, June 18, 2010

Life is Lies: Baby Eaters

Ooooh yeah, this went up earlier this week. And if you wait for me to tell you every-every time then you missed the second part of Visual Score (here; it's still there, don't worry).


My collaboration with Michael Clifford and the Small Rain has come to an end. We've seen all our current projects through, so bam. Until next time.

Man, this stamp... is. so. good. It's for adding that magic touch to each disc individually.

Inside cover to Michael Clifford's Aquarium.

And the outside – the paintings (inside & out) aren't mine, they're Edla Cusick's.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Captain Connecticut

My friend Beau has been working on a comic called Mime Hunters, which is apparently not posted, but it's amazing. He distributes them at shows. It's made me very jealous. I started working on a comic of my own: Captain Connecticut. There are zero issues so far, but hey. Captain Connecticut is the only survivor of the IPSS Fleetship Connecticut. He farms tobacco to sell to aliens, and when he's attacked by rocket ninjas he uses his gene gun to become super-powered and defend his flying space island.

It's pretty much the best idea ever. Now we turn it into comics.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The North Pole

I scanned this today to send to someone as a follow-up for an interview I had yesterday. It's pretty old, actually, and unfinished – the first eight pages of a twenty-four hour comic marathon (for which I was awake ten hours and asleep the remainder, clearly). The premise is that Santa Claus is a ninja, although that didn't really come out in the first section (unfinished scenes: fighting a giant pagoda robot and armies of ninjas; debriefing in Guantanamo Bay by the CIA, discussing Santa's origins as a Babylonian deity; etc). I should probably finish it.

If I don't get that job I can at least say I sent someone a picture of an octopus fighting an ape for professional reasons.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Among those who know me I am regarded a great teller of stories. I tell fantastic stories about such entertaining times as when I found a chair on the street, and when I fell asleep unexpectedly. Their simple elegance reveals the self-evident truths of the universe. Here is such a story:

In my apartment building the buzzers and mailboxes don't correspond to the apartments, so everyone took to simply writing their names on the mailboxes, and now we get our mail. I wasn't the first to do this, but I was second, and mine have awesome animals. They also get knocked off periodically, because my particular box has the master lock the mail-gentleman (or lady) uses to give us all our mail at once, and I guess he's in a hurry sometimes and my label comes off.

So I switch my guy up, cause they get crumpled and why not go for variety?

This guy's gotten a little chewed up, see.

This guy's next in line maybe. By seniority at least...

Except this guy will actually get my business mail to me.

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Small Rain

I've been working on album covers for The Small Rain. One more to go... or wait, actually, I just got a text message that says he's changing the pictures on me. That's fine, I like going back and forth on these things. Click to make these bigger, by the way; I bet it'll blow your mind: