Saturday, October 24, 2009


These prints represent the completion of what has been a long-term, multi-part project.

I noticed that something in my apartment causing bad luck, so I decided to take steps to remedy the misfortune. By chance I had several tins of six-month-old dried garlic on the window sill; because of garlic's special arcane properties, these pungent heads of allium had already gone a long way to absorbing the malefic essences – I just had to give them form.

So the garlics were sealed in plates (with glue, clearly), and plasticized (plastic also has strong anti-luck properties), and the genies then materialized on paper. That really just made them more dangerous, since before there'd only been an immaterial presence. Now the concentrated force manifested as a proper genie. This was, of course, necessary for the final stage of the process, where seals were applied to the papers. Without material form the unlucky genius would have continued to pervade my apartment, but once located it can easily be bound.

These sealed genies are still dangerous; like, if I burned the papers, they'd get out, and that'd suck. But it was the right thing to do. I shouldn't keep them all in one place, though – too powerful – so if you want a genie get in touch with me and we'll discuss your stewardship of evil. You could take them and burn them in your ex's apartment or something and release the evil there, but don't go blaming me for any consequences that might arise from that.

A seal.

An evil genie.

Another evil genie.

Another evil genie, again.

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