Thursday, November 19, 2009

Some Trajectories

I was involved with an excellent culture site until very recently, when it was taken down for reasons of artistic objective. I just made that up, I don't exactly know why it's down. I suspect it may be for good, though, so I'm going to repost a few things that left with the site.

I actually had a link up to the last one before – clearly recognizable if you've already checked out my other beast prints. I wrote a sweet blurb about it for So:
I want to read little-known secrets penned by well-known scholars of some forgotten caliphate; elaborated from a Pharaohnic death manual, a bound vellum volume captured during Alexandrine campaigns into The East, or both. The text in question will show certain influences, peculiar in their combination – Vedism, Kabbalah, the Island of Mu, and traces here and there recognizable only to those versed in the ways of the Incan khipu kamayuq. Impartial records will indicate the grimoire's passing inexplicably from Turkish petty-khans to the well-to-do of the Low Country; optimally, it will have been procured from the Nazis before the fall of Berlin.

To fulfill this desire, I must know a minimum of eight dead languages – no less than two of which I am to have invented myself.
Editor went with something else. Oh well – I'm like, halfway on the dead languages thing.

I go nuts for manticores. They're rockin'.

Cyclopes, too. What's up, in-the-plura~l?

This language has already been displaced by a successive script.

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