Thursday, December 2, 2010

Life is Lies: Creative Lisence

Man, I always spell license wrong. Someone was like, "hey that's funny you spelled it wrong," and that's when I realized I'd done it again. And why do people always think you're taking creative lisence when you make that very mistake?

Of course the cardinal rule of making mistakes is always to say you did it on purpose. It's just that even the file name is spelled correctly (not that you can see that, but I know), why didn't I remember to double-check that post? It's like unnecessary – those two, I always have to double check my spelling. Always.

In Spanish it's the same thing. My gender agreement is always off for some word... problema, that's the one I had pointed out to me the other day. I always say la mapa, too. Always. If you and I are having a conversation some time and I don't say "la mapa," then you can be sure I thought about it ahead of time.

Or, what is more likely, we're speaking in English.

1 comment:

  1. I know what you mean, man.
    I'm always prone to saying "la parte" and feminizing nouns that stubbornly want to retain some machismo...I guess I can't help it.

    My students like correcting me while shaking their heads in shame wondering when the hell I'd ever speak proper Spanish.