Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cards Cards Cards (Cards); First Run

I've been a little behind in getting these to market – still am, in fact – but they're here to see. Contact me by clicking on the flying alien with the laser gun if you'd like to order some! Be sure to indicate quantity, address, and method of payment; and to direct any questions you may have regarding shipping or other considerations.

Availability: 7/8
Some have the dark half on top, while on others it is inverted (as above)

Availability: 6/9
One is in yellow ochre (as seen below), while the rest transition to red rather abruptly

Availability: 8/15
Ten are as pictured, while five are bordered

Availability: 17/24
A good first run; all in yellow ochre

Remember – no two are identical! (just close). All will be stamped with the Swimmy the Dish chop, and serialized.

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