Sunday, March 21, 2010

Not Just Werebeer

I was using my magic crystal ball just now to spy on Those Who've Seen This Blog. It's very useful. I noticed that last month someone was referred to the site via Portsmouth Brewery's blog, which is a coincidence – about that time ago I went out there to snag some Kate the Great. Some real Grail Quest action. Portsmouth is great, check them out.

"mmm, i'm delicious!"

I know I have a few posts about Werebeer already, but it's not the only beer I've made. In fact, it was the second; first I had to learn how to make it, from a friend of mine. Logically, that one was called Friend Brew:

snapshot from a now-who-knows-where restaurant placemat

second draft: it's good with just a touch of color, right?

I'm dying to make more labels. First I need to make more beer, I guess – order in all things.

...and then I found $20.

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