Thursday, March 4, 2010


So this happened back in December, but I found the pictures and I was like, "yeahhhh!" There was a book signing at Giant Robot and you got a cookie† if you brought a bento box, so I made one. Except I don't have a bento box, or tupperware, or anything like that really, so I made a sea-diorama in a jar. There's an inside-jar with lunch, and an outside-jar with desert. See –

octo-sausages, sandy-rice, sea star-carrots, a pickle-sea cucumber

carrot crabs! it's hard to see the dill-seaweed

then the jell-o cooled around the inside jar, with big apricot-tunas attacking Swedish fish; next time i'll subtly sweeten a clear gelatin, cause it was like, three servings of absurdly saccharin, almost opaque gloop.

Giant Robot has a slideshow with pictures of the whole event.

†cookie = book, in this case

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